Tarot Forecast For May 7-13 2017- And The Road Opens This Week🔥🔮

#Sunday May 7 2017🔮This week get ready as our passive restful mode(Truce) is about to change (Change). Last week we might of completed a task or a project that was big (The World). Currently we may be giving advice to those around us or teaching others modes of life (The Heirophant) which seems to be the primary theme in this Celtic Cross reading. We are being direct and to the point and getting alot done quickly (Swiftness). 

This week coming up all blocks will be removed and we will be open to possibilites. (Ace of Wands). 

But make sure you rest and dont over tax yourself since you will say to yourself “Gosh I got so much work, more then K can handle.”(Oppression). Fresh, new, and exciting are energies that we will recieve this week (Completion). 

We will be fearful of extreme negative thinking, if it happens to cross our minds(Ruin.) 

As a result whatever we got into will work and we will be further working towards it throughout this coming week!(Works)🔥♨