Mercury Goes Direct In Aries conjunct Uranus -May 3 2017🔥- Changing Gears!

#Tuesday May 2 2017🔥Tomorrow Mercury goes Direct in 25° Aries unblocking the roads of momentum. 

In esoteric astrology Mercury is the second ruler of Aries. Since he has momentum. So we might be feeling a bit fiesty with a “Not going to take it attitude” with no second thoughts for acting. This change of gears happens with Urauns Conjunct. 

A sense of rebellion and a need to not conform to challenges comes into play. 

This conjunction will last a while since Mercury needs to pick up speed again. 

♨Adding some water on a hot day.🔥

Our minds may be reactivating as Mercury changes shifts while moon is in Leo creating a trine. So this fire energy is very well diginified.

If for example you have Aries in the 6th house you may feel like you’ve had enough going over work stuff and you just want to finsh it and get the outcome. 

This shift in gear can make you a bit more feisty especially with Uranus conjunct.

So how will this Mercury direct effect us?

Supprisenly “Truce” came out “Jupiter in Libra” which is giving a hint in that direction. 

Maybe because Jupiter is still Retrograde, Mercury’s change of gears won’t be that grandiose.