May 1 2017 – Astrology, Numerology And Current Global Conspiracy🌏

#Monday May 1 2017🍃The Quiet Week Ahead During A Quiet Month🍃Seems like this whole week will be quiet. Today we start off the month with a water moon in Cancer waxing. And even though Mars is in Gemini and Venus is in Aries we somewhat have a calming energy going on. Globally there has been alot of commotion however and I wanted to mention something that really stood out to me. I usually don’t follow media or global events, but I do however look at conspiracy videos from time to time to understand more about the esoteric and the occult. 

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It came to my awareness that Kim the President of North Korea turned 33 on Jan 8…

Those of you who are into spirituality know 33 represents the skull bone (illuminated) of our spine since we have 32 bones. Mystery schools have made every back bone a lesson or degree. So I found it so ironic he just turned 33 and a month later he starts to go ballistic and threaten everyone. Don’t you think this is ironic?

Could this not be a mass ritual for the NWO to bring all nations together? How do we not know Kim is not a suicide drone like Osama Bin Ladin’s inside job being controlled by a microchip on his head that tells him what to say and do by the C.i.a.? 

I saw many comments on videos commenting this exact same thing. And it really rang a bell in me. What do you guys think? Any more insight from you conspiracy followers? 

Btw, we will have a Scorpio Full Moon this month while Uranus is Conjunct Mercury in Warrior Aries. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Mars. A very erratic energy will be felt that week. Also Prince mysteriously died last Scorpio Full Moon, and he was a Scorpio Rising. Do you guys remember the errie feeling we all had last Scorpio Full Moon. I remember I had to burn sage the whole day.