Tarot Reading For The Week of April 30- May 6 2017🔮

#Sunday April 30 2017🔮Tarot Reading For the Week of April 30-May 6🔮For this week the thing we are most concerned about is looking foward to something. (3ofWands). We might even exhaust ourselves (KnightofDisks Reversed) during the process throughout the whole week getting every detail.

Last week we might of felt like we were not productive (Empress Reversed) and maybe that we weren’t looking our best. We are currently cutting through ideas that don’t serve our future vision(PrinceofSwords) and the thing we desire the most is to be independent. (Priestess Reversed). We might even secretly envy others (Devil Reversed) because we haven’t yet received the things we have so hard worked for. 

✈MIA ✈

Careful not to gossip this week or slander anyone while you do your thing(3ofCups Reversed).

Money or prosperity will enter this week (Ace of Disks) and you will wish to truely be happy with what you recieve. (9ofCups).

You will at the end of this week learn the lesson that was meant for you to learn throughout this week. (Heirophant Reversed).

🔮I’ll be doing readings from time to time when there are no aspects in the sky.☺👌