May 2017 Astrological Forecast🔮

#Saturday April 29 2017🔮May 2017 Forecast🌙On the beginning of May we have Mercury going direct in Aries! A breath of fresh air🍃 not to mention the next week that follows is full of harmonious trines and during the fullmoon amplifying its effect. 

Everyone seems to be getting along quite fine in May. 

Mars is trining Jupiter, Mercury is trining Saturn, and Sun is trining Pluto, all on that week. 

We then have Venus opposing Jupiter on the 18th, Aries versus Libra as Mercury re-enters Taurus once again for a serious talk. 

Then the next day on the 19th we have a stable trine with Uranus. All the changes that took place in the past month may finally have an anchor. 

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On the 25th Venus squares Pluto on a New Moon that day, a conflict pertaining to change will arise in love that day. 

And on the 29th we have Mars opposing Saturn, Mars wants to have his way and Saturn wants to hold stability. 

And on the 31st on the last day we have Mercury trining Pluto making definite changes with a clear mind. 

This month is very light in comparison to other months where many retrogrades and eclipses were involved. 

I think this month symbolizes the flowers after the rain. It’s like they say that April showers, bring May flowers.🌸