Using The Days of The Week With The Right Cosmic Energy

#Friday April 28 2017🔥Working with the cycles of life.🔥If you work with the cycles of life, life will be so much easiler for you. If you don’t you will struggle. There is a time for everything. The same way you use the seasons (For example Taurus season starts to materialize the fruits that got the tree pregnant in Aries)

❤Pink plant I have growing in my garden❤

Monday’s are ruled by the Moon, and thus domestic things, it’s a low energy and one can get alot done by doing laundry or cleaning the house on Monday’s. Tuesday is the energy of Mars, and thus taking care of problems that require assertion and energy are best left for Tuesdays. 

Wesnesday is ruled by Mercury and communication, and tending to our modes of transportation and modes of communication is best during this day.

(Seeds or fruit is growing from my Aloe tree…This is the Taurus Phase of materilzing from conception that happened in Aries last month…when the Gemini phase comes all the multiple seeds will Splender and fall down and a new Cycle will come Summer)

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, and anything you want to expand in your life, you should work on, on this day.

Friday is ruled by Venus and alot of women usually get their nails done on this day to have them beautiful for the weekend.

Saturday is ruled by Saturn, and anything that you want to clean or get rid if in your life should be done on this day.

Sunday is a day to start fresh and do something that requires courage and that has nothing to do with routine.