Venus Enters Aries – April 28 2017 – Spring Love In The Air🔥💚

#Thursday April 27 2017✨Tomorrow Venus Re-Enters Aries and leaves Pisces. Again a huge sense of independence in relationships is felt again.❤I found this baby bird “Juju” on the floor 2 Springs ago. And every year in Spring she comed to visit me. 🍂

We will also have Mercury Conjunct Uranus in Aries. 

💚She fell from my mango tree

🔥We must watch out of being over assertive. We might say things also we might later regret due to Uranus’s sudden energy. 
This Uranus-Mercury conjunction will last for about 1-2 giving us voltage energy.

On a grand collective we have to watch out for sudden decisions or actions with the war dilema. Uranus is sudden and Aries is warlike and swift put with Mercury Retrograde is quite a fusion. 

🍃A white moth I found in my yard yesrerday. Moths are night creatures🌙

Venus there can also push. 

For example if you have Venus transiting the 6th house you could be loving your job or finding love at your job. 

Uranus conjunct Mercury can also help too in making it sudden. 

We must also note the moon is young and the cycle is new.

For this cycle of Venus Aries and Uranus comjunct Mercury we got the Moon reversed signified that we must be careful with deception and lies being put on the grand collective. Probably referring to the current war situation.