Taurus New Moon – April 26 2017 – Working on Building Strength Back

#Wednesday April 26 2017🌙New Moon in Taurus today motivates us to continue our progress on our endeavors.What do you want to grow this Spring so that you can ripe the benefits on the Fall Equinox? Remember you don’t want to go through the whole year procrastinating getting nothing done so when the Fall comes you have nothing to ripe. And then when Winter comes you’ll only be remembering the time you wasted. You’ll be wishing you used that time productively and now you just wasted another year. 

This Taurus New Moon is a reminder to stick to the process of growing what you were planning to grow on the Winter Solstice. 

Taurus is a stubborn sign that sticks to things till they are done and this is the attitude you should be having now.

😎Sunny Day in Miami🌞

Aries Season acted like a catalyst to push you foward and now Taurus Season is to make you toil on that vision.
So take advantage of this seasons energy to get a task done.