New Moon In Taurus – April 26 2017 – Stabilizing Our Emotions

#Tuesday April 25 2017🌙Tomorrow we have a New Moon In Taurus. So today we might be feeling a little bit of despondency now that we have the moon at it’s darkest. This perhaps may be a good time to do a Salt Bath to clean ourselves from all the drama that Venus put us through and now that she is direct and this New Moon is coming we can start a new course again. 

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For example if this New Moon is happening in your 7th house of partnership and contracts you may be working on growing some business in this moon cycle coming up. We must see what are we planning to develop this lunar cycle so we can be aware and put all of our energies to it. Though Mercury is still retrograde, this New Moon in Taurus can stabilize things a little bit. Taurus is all about stability, and so we will be gathering this lunar energy within and applying it somewhere in our natal charts. The Earthy Energy of lunar Taurus always stabilizes the fiery energy of Spring. Spring is always a great time to start stuff, so when the Autumn comes one can ripe the benefits, the thing is that in the beginning of Spring there is always a dynamic energy flowing which at times can be a little chaotic. And this is where the Taurus energy comes in. It is to ground the fiery energy of Spring and put to practical use that Chakti energy we the planet wakes up to in the Equinox.

Horse Shoe reading for New Moon in Taurus. I’m applying reversals in this reading.

Last Lunar cycle maybe we were fearful, especially during the Libra moon due to all the changes. Currently we are going after what we want full force.

We may not get Victory right away but we still can be hopeful. What we must do is keep at it and slow progress will be seen.

We might wish for the finer things in life but by the Full Moon an idea to make more money will come to light.🌙