Worldy Wars And Astrological Alignments🔥✨

🍂We are living in truely interesting times. As soon as all the planets went retrograde this February, major worldly issues have popped up. Especially when Venus went Retrograde in the warrior fire constellation Aries. 

I believe that was the primary problem starter this cycle. We even experianced this with personal relationships. Some of us felt like we just had enough of a person or of people and we were going to fight (Aries) for what we valued. (Venus)

☔Rainy Day in Miami☔

This reaction can be seen in the grand collective with all the global wars and conflict that arouse in just one month.

The truth is that the world is always at war. But these Retrogrades were a kick starter to major wars. 
All we can do is live our lives and take care of ourselves as best as we could.

☔All day today. I had to cancel my weekend plans.😳

Some things are just not under our control.
Now I wanted to note that this year during the Summer, Leo will have a Solar Eclipse (Beginnings) and Aquarius will have a Lunar Eclipse.(Endings)

☔We closed all the windows and we are hibernating talking about astrology and the world.☔

Donald Trump is a Leo Rising and the New Chapter will happen in his 1st house. He is currently representing a Nation. His ending will happen in his 7th house of Partnership (with other countries or a divorce) possibly reigning him as a dictator in the 1st house of Ego Solar Eclipse.

America’s Rising Sign is Sagittarius, so the Solar Eclipse will happen in the 9th house of Education and the ending in Aquarius will happen in the 3rd house of Commerce and transportation.

We will perhaps cut alot of ties with other countries and mode of communication will change in America’s first house.

This is a way this Summer’s Eclipse season can be interpreted in Tropical Astrology.

With that being said a new system of education or of learning could be installed for America this year in America’s 9th house (Rising Sign Sagittarius) home of the Free.

😑In the dark thinking of what to do next.💭