Observing Mars Through The 8th House🔥🎱

🔥Observing The 8th house 🔥Everyone has Mars transiting their 8th house every two years. And currently the majority of Scorpio Risings are experiencing Mars entering the 8th house now April 21 2017. Now the 8th house is ruled by Pluto and Mars. Scorpio is the constellation that corresponds to the 8th house. 
The 8th house has many alternative meanings. 

It symbolizes death, rebirth, and sex for the most part but it also symbolizes taxes and what we own with other people. Karmic debt that we own with other people or even animals. Sometimes our two energies merge between us and other people when Mars is transiting the 8th house.

🐦Isis my Cockatiel was effected by Venus Transiting my 8th house last year as her wing got ripped by a possum through her cage. I had to take her to the vet to get opperated asap.🐦

Many years ago when Mars was retrograde in my 8th house I experienced immense turn arounds for about three months that he was in there. 

The minute that he went direct to my ninth house all the issues had softened up and facilitated. 

🍏 and Pebbles giving each other kisses as usual.💕

Sometimes there are other people that you owe favors too, and vice versa it is the house where karma is being played. Now Mars also symbolizes our Ego and our body. And when he goes into the house of transformation there could be a transformation for our Ego and our bodies.

🍏I only want the attention for me. Yes, I know I’m cute.🍏

After he goes into the 9th house you are a new person you have sheded a new skin.

The 8th house can be compared to the hours of the day when Sunset has passed already the hour of Libra. And the day has transformed into night representing Scorpio, the change from day to night. 

🐦Everything that Apple does I want to do it too🐦