Mercury Retrograde Fire Trines Saturn – April 24 2017 – Re-Evaluating 🔥Resources

#Sunday April 23 2017🔥Tomorrow Mercury Retrograde in Aries trines Saturn Retrograde in Sagittarius. We might be re- evaluating our progress and making sure that everything we’ve done so far is well put together. Trines are always good because they facilitate energy.

Things are beginning to look better and for the most part.

🌿All my flowers and trees are growing in my garden this Spring🌿

Venus going back into Aries gaining her strength back. 

But for now she’s pretty much wrapping up everything transiting the degrees that she was transiting while retrograde.

Jupiter is still retrograde and he will go direct next month so we still haven’t seen any major movement our way, we just kind of have to be patient and work at things so when he does go direct everything will blossom. Now is a good time to set everything together so when Jupiter goes direct next month it will get that extra push that it needs.

This week… Our visions about something has changed due to the world around us. We want to be independent and we seek wealth. Last week we were resting or probably no movement. 

This week we will be looking foward to all the efforts we have made.

Our attitude may be that of pleassure and enjoying life or at least trying.

A balancing energy or a person who will join us on our endeavor will enter.

We will wish to jump through obstacles and we will succeed as we got the Ace of Wands.