Mercury’s Energy As He Transits Each House 🔥

🌸Best Transit Houses That Mercury Does Well In🌸 Mercury in the first house will give you the power to speak for yourself. When Mercury goes into your first house you’re more vocal and more opinionated about what you want. Sometimes this could be a bad or good thing depending on the rest of transits. 

Mercury in the second house gives you the power to move money around. It also gives of the intelligence in how to make more money. Also with that Transit there you will also be speaking about what you value the most. Mercury in the third house is very powerful as he is in his own element. When he is transiting your 3rd house he gives you intellectual powers. And you are more sharp in handling information and spreading information. Your motor skills are at their best. Mercury in the fourth house gives us the ability to communicate more with family and sometimes this is a period of time we could be more quiet. 

The fourth house of family is a very quiet house. Mercury in the 5th house could give us the ability to channel creativity. We can also be talking more about relationships and romance once he is in the 5th house. When Mercury goes into the six house we’re more productive. We try to figure out ways to facilitate our jobs and make them more easy and productive. Now when Mercury goes to the 7th house we may be talking business. We may be talking to other people and trying to cut deals with them more than usual. It can also pertain to personal relationships in which we try to set boundaries. When Mercury goes into the 8th house, we would probably be speaking more about results in our efforts with life, we can sometimes be talking about death too and our soul purpose. 

The 8th house is the result of dealing with other people, so we may be more vocal with what we own with other people. When Mercury enters the 9th house we are talking about school and knowledge. We can be talking more philosophically and we may be reading up more about religion and beliefs. When Mercury enters the 10th house we may be talking about careers in our social status. We may be more busier throughout social media this time prepping up our status. When Mercury enters the 11th house we may be more social then usual. Trying to connect with other people that share the same ideas we do. When Mercury goes into the 12th house we are more quiet. We can also be speaking about the past and we could be melancholic.