Mars Enters Gemini – April 21 2017 – A Busy Mind Ahead

Tomorrow Mars enters Gemini. And he will be here for 40 days. Having Mars in Aries and in Geminis pretty busy. With having Mars in Gemini the mind can get pretty busy. We also have to note that Venus is still squaring Saturn. They are currently at hard Square in 27 degrees. 

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They have been in a hard Square now for about 2 weeks. Then Venus will start breaking off that square on the 23rd when she moves 1 degree forward. Still the intensity of relationships can still be felt. A heavy energy or a heavy heart is at bay. Now with Mars in Gemini we have to guard against overthinking things. In the tarot cards Mars in Gemini is symbolized by “cruelty” the nine of swords. A tendency to put ourselves down cruelly. However those of us that are beyond these aspects can use the 

Mars energy in Gemini for their own benefit. Highly activating the Gemini energy with a planet such as Mars can bring brilliant powers of thought. Gemini’s are masters at communicating, so we may be more vocal than usual. The risk runs in putting ourselves down as the Mars energy is Maleficent and tends to do that. 

The Gemini constellation is very dual and thus cannot make up their minds about a perception. Thus the mind begins to struggle with multiple and possible outcomes feeling discouraged at the end and feeling that there is no definite conclusion feeling down perhaps worthless. We must be aware of the potential of these thoughts as we are currently undergoing a Mercury retrograde. Let’s see what more Mars in Gemini will bring us these forty days.

Now the card that came out is”Wealth”.Wealth symbolizes having manifestation of material. It can also symbolize having everything in its place.The Card “Wealth” is an awareness of knowing that you are wealthy you are aware that you have your friends and your family and that they are people less fortunate then you. Thus you feel wealthy. 

Also I wanted to point out for people who have Mars in the 8th house transiting now to be wary of those around you that may cause trouble as Mars in the 8th house can be quite destructive. So be ready to disarm anything that could potentially grow into a bigger problem with this Mars in the 8th house transit for you.