Retrograde Mercury Conjuncts The Sun – April 20 2017 – Careful Not To Burnout🔥

#Wednesday April 19 2017🚩🌞Tomorrow Mercury #retrograde conjuncts the Sun in Taurus.We must be careful not to overdo ourselves. As with this aspect we can tend to burn out easily. Tomorrow we also have Pluto going retrograde. Yes Pluto loses its intensity and it’s transformative powers.

🌿Today this came in the mail, its Wheatgrass in which I will try to oil pull with it to see if it’s better then Coconut oil.🌿 I had done this Oil Pulling Video 3 years ago:

So we will be getting a break from Pluto’s direct powers. However, Mercury retrograde conjuncts Sun between Aries and Taurus and that cusp is pretty intense itself. It is a very determined cusp.

🐥Animals are having babies everywhere this Spring.🐥

This is why I said at the beginning of this post that we should guard about burning ourselves. Some of us may feel as if we are not accomplishing things.

Our results fall below expectation. yesterday’s tarot card was “luxury” moon in cancer, and it’s a state that makes us feel like what we have in front of us is not enough. So let’s pick up another card and see what awaits us after we continue to give our best shots at our current goals.

So I shuffled the cards and you will not believe that luxury came out again! It seems like this energy is very heavy, and that we really do feel that what we have in front of us really falls below expectation.