Taurus Season Is Here – A More Stable Yet Determined Energy – April 18 2017

#Tuesday April 18 2017🌿Taurus season is here in a few days. Happy Birthday to all those Taurians. We will have the Sun soon put some order in our lives as he enters the constellation of Taurus. It’s been a havoc this past solar month in Aries, and a lot of action took place. Now we are getting ready to ground ourselves. 

The Sun is the biggest influencer in the transits since he is the biggest, along with Mars who is the most physical influencer. Though Mercury is retrograde, now we have Venus Direct and with more experience. Venus is very artistic now and she is able to channel all the accumulated energy she picked up in Pisces while she was retrograde for those artist here. I finally got done a song I wrote, hopefully I can record and film a video before the Sun reaches my MC this Summer Solace.  

We may be feeling a little tranquil in our hearts now that this Venus Direct energy knows where she is heading regardless of the decisions she made while squaring Saturn. Nomatter how strong the discord was, it shaped Venus’s new Ego and mode of seeing Value in things. Every time a planet re-evaluates itself in its final stage of going direct, I call it the “Judgement” stage, our pineal gland sees things with newer eyes. 

Things we didn’t see before , we see them now as they truly are. Jupiter may still be idle, but we will see movement regardless, now that Venus is direct. Saturn has also opened doors in some ways, as he is not as restrictive as before.

Let’s see what this Taurus Cycle brings us!

Some of us may still feel like things fall below expectation. Maybe when Jupiter goes Direct next month, things change.