Chakras & The Afterlife – Why Atonement is Important

#Monday April 17 2017 I read this interesting article ( about this man that is paying big money to have his head be plugged unto a younger body of someone else once his body gets older. This technology is old as shown on this video.

But there are several questions that need to be asked about this.

As we all know, we all have 7 chakras…So if he would only have his 3rd eye chakra, his crown, and his throat chakra, what about all the ones below?

Would he then not have a heart chakra? Or will he have the other man’s heart chakra?

This is an extremely interesting topic because whoever studies the metaphysics has heard that the heart IS the first brain where all our memories and experiance are stored.

The heart that gets weighed after death on the scales of Ma’at against a feather. And that judgement determines if you will pass on to the next life.

Similarly the “Tibetian Book of the dead” is as similar as the “Egyptian Book of the Dead.”

The Tibetian Book of the dead states we roam around for 40 days (Mars Transit) undergoing different dimemsions.

Like on this video there is a stage where you will be observing the “fire people” and you must be strong and overcome the fear. I believe it correlates to the solar chakra. It seems like all our chakras will be brought under judgement to determine our next lesson on the kabalistic tree of life correlating to the sepirots (Our Chakras)

But once you pass those 40 days you will be incarnated again.

So this man who wants to switch bodies…will this heart chakra be there ethereally? Or will he not be able to cross the afterlife since his orginial body is not intact?

Is that not called cheating?

Stealing or trying to channel someone elses physical karmic blueprint?

Queen Nefertiti mummies head was bashed (out of hate) so in the afterlife she wouldnt speak her names to the gods. Or she wouldn’t be able to reccognize herself.

Let’s keep in mind that life forms our Ego. The “I”. Once you die, there is no “I”. Also it is stated that the drug Salvia gives a similar death experiance of having the “I” removed and only observing. Your body condenses to thin air.

What is your thoughts on this?