Venus Goes Direct – April 15 2017 – Final Call For Relationships🚩

#Friday April 14 2017 Final Call🚩Tomorrow Venus goes Direct. Interesting enough she goes direct while still squaring Saturn 26 degrees. Almost as if she decided to take that square energy with her as she moves direct. My solar powered fountain disks rises the water higher, the stronger the sun gets! Wow! Get yours at: Ankway Solar Bird bath Fountain Pump for Garden and Patio, Free Standing 1.4W Solar Panel Kit Water Pump, Outdoor Watering Submersible Pump (Birdbath & Stand Not Included)

This can be interpreted that whatever happened with those in stormy relationships decided to perhaps stick to those people because they might feel like they can’t find no one else and prefer to perhaps take whatever. 

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Also, for those who escaped the rocky relationship it could mean you will take that disappointment with you forever in your heart, since it was a grand disappointment. For those that are single, it’s been a very hard time to get the attention from people and perhaps one feels like it will be impossible to ever find a connection. 

Always cut a leaf below this leaf when extracting a leaf. The leaves on the top need to act as a solar panel to extract the sun in order to survive. So ALWAYS extract the ones closest to the ground below my hand in this photo.

This is due to Pisces’s energy of melancholy. One may feel hopeless and perhaps surrender to trying. Eventhough the Judgement we made during the Libra Full Moon was loud and clear, we now feel like we have to lower our standards to be with someone. This is very troublesome as Saturn is Retrograde. 

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And add a few drops of Vitamin E also to perserve and you got yourself a Face Serum.

So Venus takes that Saturn Retrograde energy forward. We have to get over this aspect quick and realize this frame of mentality and go beyond it.

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For example if this Venus Retrograde going forward is happening in your 5th house, you can’t be slacking off with making money. You have to continue to move forward day by day and fulfill this year’s goal. Just because Saturn is not being strict in the 2nd house of money, doesn’t mean you have to apply less action to that. You must continue.

So with that being said, what does this week ahead hold for us?

Main theme is hunting for something this week and what slows our horse down is literally (Jupiter in Libra=Truce) lack of movement from our surroundings.

We may feel like a catalyst and executing difficult tasks as we are drawing the line with ourselves and standing firm to our goals.

Last week we had alot of material desires. We were probably thinking of owning certain things.

This week ahead we might feel hung with lack of motion coming our way.

We will struggle and perhaps events will play off being fair to us.

We wish to passionately fight for what we want.

And as a result we will succeed and end up like the “Queen of Disks” who’s been a long way to get to where she is at now.