Sun Trines Saturn -April 17 2017 – Getting Creative With Tasks🌞

#Sunday April 16 2017🌞Tomorrow the Sun in Aries Trines Retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius. This fire trine can make us productive and open up opportunities for us since Saturn is not so strict. 

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We can be highly motivated with less restrictions. We might come up with solutions and take the lead to an issue. Sun is the authority Ego and Saturn is the constrictor which has lost a lot of it’s power.

Now that we are entering the 2nd stage of Spring and our goals are on the way, the few setbacks we had can be dealt with on this day. Its an easy energy to take an assertive attitude towards things today. 

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So take advantage. It is easy to be like the Moon who follows patterns and routines, but the Sun is an innovator. The Sun takes risks and tries things out. The Moon only follows. Many of us are stuck in our moon-like behavior where we are comfortable and we don’t try anything new. 

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Well this aspect can help you be more assertive and get you out of your comfort zone. For Example if you have the Sun in your 6th house you may be a pioneer at work or the driver of your own ship now. 

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You are thinking of creative ways to expand your earnings in the 2nd house, the easy way in which Saturn is not so strict. And thanks to this aspect, if you apply yourself, you will find. We must all look into our charts to see where we can benefit in our charts. Don’t let this opportunity vanish.

Let’s see what this Sun Trine Saturn will bring us:

You will be like the “Princess of Wands” that is a catalyst and burns down any impediment that gets in her way.