Full Moon Libra Conjunct Jupiter – Excessiveness Tips The Scales – April 11 2017

#Tuesday April 11 2017🌕Today is the Libra Full Moon. Yesterday I received a couple of Insta DMs(this is usual during a Full Moon) about breakdowns and confusion. A couple were about relationships and fear of losing a person forever because a final judgement was made (Libra). This moon is conjunct Jupiter who is retrograde. Excessiveness and over-reaction was very demonstrated. Some rants were about not being given something (Jupiter Retrograde) or someone retrieving.


If you guys have been reading my blogs at www.HeavenlyPriestess.com I usually do a tarot reading for the aspect of the day to see the outcome. And for the Venus-Saturn Square reading I had done the Relationship Fortress reading for those involved in some sort of relationship with someone. Well for many of you the outcome played off. Go back to that blog and see for yourself “Debauch” 7 of Cups came out as your outcome, but however, “The Emperor” came out as their outcome. 

🍂They say masters don’t need clutches, but I have to ground myself with potatoe and Earthy Chamomile to survive this Full Moon that’s conjunct my natal Mars!🔥💣 Get Your Tea Here: Frontier Co-op Organic Chamomile Flowers, German, Whole, 1 Pound Bulk Bag

Someone conquered someone as a result, and someone ended up spilling their guts afterwards and that’s what ended up being the conclusion for this “Libra” full moon. Some of you, the scales where tipped over to the point you were emotionally unstable. I warned that boundaries are very important in whatever type of relationship you choose to participate in. Don’t get worked up inside when you expected a different outcome after the contract. After a contract is formed there is an agreement. So if you are sleeping with someone in hopes of getting them to love you…boy are you in for a reality check. Especially with Venus in Pisces retrograding running back to her ex.

🌕You might becseeing double. Focus your vision and don’t give in🌕

For those that are working with this kundanali energy to your advantage, you got it going on. You just need to FOCUS and direct it. I woke up ready to punch someone in the face (I had no one around thank God!) because this Full Moon conjuncts my natal Mars. So I was physically driving, and my room was dirty…I figured I might as well sweep the floor that needed to be washed badly, adjust the clothing from my closet, clean the bird cages, and clean the bathroom completely. After that make me some Chamomile tea to relax me.

🌞The Sun will shine once this cloud is gone.🌞

Although you are tired, you will still have Moon pressure on your face. So drink some Chamomile Tea and burn some Basil Leaves to inhale the psychedelic benefits. The world is at war right now. But it doesn’t have to be that way with you. Focus on yourself, and forget the things you can’t control.

After this Full Moon we got Peace so be patient. Ironically this card is ruled by Moon in Libra.

I know some things have falled below expectation from prior post, but Peace will previel after this and our abilities to make decisions will come too.