Relationships NEED Bounderies 💍Code of Libra💍

It only takes 2 months to know if there is chemistry with someone, sometimes less (It’s not rocket science people!). But every dating coach advices that if the person can not define a relationship status by 2 months, by then it’s best to CUT them loose. And sex should not be involved ofcourse if one is seeking something authentic, I mean why buy the cow if the milk is given for free? 💚They say love is like a sport. Well, make sure you ‘play’ by the Court Rules and get good players on YOUR team. Not losers.😘🎾 

Now if we allow the interactions to continue beyond 3 months, a bond is formed and one risks suffering if it’s suddenly severed.💔 With that being said, for those ladies who are seeking for something more OFFICIAL like marriage💍, it is best to ask the person on the first date or conversation what their goals and PRINCIPLES are (in the NICEST tone ofcourse) before they torture you on the phone with their life stories and their favorite color😷. You can argue and say “that’s too soon, you’ll scare them away”….👻

It’s better to walk alone happily in one piece, then to be paralyzed by pain, doubt, and BEGGING to find you bonded with a snake.🐍👍

Well how come it’s ‘ok’ for them to make flirtatious sexual passes to see how far they can take us on the first date? They do this by “incidental remarks” and “flattery” to ‘see’ if we follow through. 

So why can’t we SEE if the other person holds our best interest when a good opportunity comes to SEE if they plan to follow through? Guys are not stupid, they know what they want.

But today’s society says this ‘small talk’ behavior is acceptable, yet “occasionally” bringing up a ‘relavent’ topic about the future is not tolerated because it will scare-them-away? Boo👻

What if they don’t stop talking and just want you to listen…😫but they don’t plan to be around for long? Your kind of there for entertainment purposes. Just to pass time.

Now doesn’t that SCARE YOU?!?

You will NEVER get that time back!!!

If he isn’t sure you are wife material, why is he with you then? You are missing out on finding someone who DOES💍

You have far more important things to do like walk your dog, or pet your bird, then be an ear to someone who doesn’t plan to stick around for long. And if you enjoy being a psychotherapist you should at least open your own line and make it a business. Oh wait! It’s called “Callgirls”. That’s right. But at least they are getting paid to listen to flattery and non-sense all day long. Fact.

When someone’s madly inlove with you, they do the craziest things not to loose you. FACT💡

Make your time productive and more efficient. Attention is paid for everything on social platforms. Your time is valuable and you will never get it back. So if you really like someone, and they give you several months to years to “test drive” you before they realize you ARE WORTHY to take serious, make sure you understand you WILL NOT get back that TIME. You’ll be a few months older and a few years older, and harder to find someone else. Act Quick!

Calming Oil I put under my feet so my system can obsorb it when the moon is too full.🌕 It was previously known as “Calming”, click on image to get:

So if you don’t make the cut, you will loose, Time, Effort and ENERGY and Money. And once your Spirit is broken, it’s jaded. Don’t make that mistake! Make sure you know what you are getting into. 

🍂Not everyone who is in a relationship now has Self-Esteem. Alot of people take alot just to say they HAVE someone and they are lonelier then the people who enjoy their own company🍂

💍When they tell you they are not ‘ready’ for marriage:

Translation: “When you find my side-chick (or the man he is with…yes you’d be suprised!) on our bed, don’t be surprised, I told you I wasn’t ready.”

💍When they tell you: “I don’t want to get serious, but I do want us to be friends.”

Translation: “When I give you a disease, I will not pay for your gyno or your hours of missed work and medication because I told you I just wanted us to be FRIENDS.”

💍When they continuously flatter you and when you bring up commitment thinking they were for real:

Translation: “I was only being sarcastic to get you to bed, you’d have to be crazy to think I was for real.”

💍When you hear crickets after you had that serious talk with him and he just walks away.

Translation: “I just want you to end this already so it won’t look like I did and I can just go with my other chick or dude I’m with.”

💍When he says ” I don’t want no more drama when you are about to bring up marriage.

Translation: “Just shut up already, you already know what you are only good for.”

💡Just stay away from people who make you feel you are hard to love. Period.

Marriage doesn’t solve everything and they can still do you wrong but at least you got a referee. Every game has a referee incase someone cheats.

We are living in a 4D reality with borders and boundaries. You can’t escape that. Its a Ma’at rule. If you live in the system, you got to play by the system’s rules.

I leave you with a GREAT video. I love it when she says “If he is not married to someone, why won’t he marry you?” “If he won’t marry you , then why is he living with you?” Makes you think.💭hm…

“Marriage Vs. Long Term Girlfriend” video: