Venus Retrograde Squares Saturn Retrograde -Prove Your Love To Me – April 8-15 2017😕

#Friday April 7 2017😕Tomorrow Venus Squares Saturn for a whole week in 26 degrees. So the whole week a huge evaluation of boundaries and value will be the theme. Remember these two planets are retrograding. One has dropped the boundaries (Saturn) and Venus has fled back into Pisces with her ex lover. But things get more interesting. Mercury Goes Retrograde the next day in Taurus (who is also ruled by Venus) questioning Value and meaning this week the Full Moon happens in the sign of relationships, “Libra”.

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Libra is the sign of give and take and having absolute balance in a relationship. When something goes out of balance of give and take between two people, that’s when the drama starts. 

Libra rules the 7thhouse, the house before the 8th house of relationship result. In the 7th house one forms “contracts” with our partners to avoid drama, and then the 8th house of sex and result of the union can take place. But if there is no boundaries between two people, there is chaos. 

When there is blurred lines, someone will always be taken advantage of. This is why it is unwise not to make a contract with a person before acting upon anything. Expecting the other person to be in the same page as you are without contract is a foolish thing. Now these two planets are battleling each other throughout this whole week. It will be turmoil with couples, and those who are not coupled will have inner dialogue of “should I drop my standards so I won’t be alone?’ or you’ll be remembering how you were taken advantage of by former lovers, and how it’s not happening again.

How will this Saturn-Venus Square go for you and your significant other?🔮

The left role is YOU. The right role is your Partner.

You seem to be feeling fortunate, while the other feels a bit hesitant.

You are a bit satified with the current talk of having gotten together, but your partner feels “Changed”.

You see the other as being amorous with you while they see you a forceful…careful…something is not right.

Energies evolving in you is that you believe this is a new chapter for the relationship. They on the other hand are inspired looking towards the future.

You will offer your love and they will come for sex.

As a result “Indulgence” and loss of interest, and dissapearances.

They will feel like they have conquared you once again like the Emperor. And you in turn will feel debauchery and disgusted.