Mercury Goes Retrograde In Taurus – April 9 2017- Stop Participating & Use Logic With Practicality

#Saturday April 8 2017⚠Tomorrow Sunday Mercury Goes Retrograde in Taurus. Some of us may be feeling crucified. The reason being is because 3 planets are #retrograde and squaring each other. Jupiter Retrograde is opposing Venus showing no signs of delivering anything. Venus went back to the past in Pisces. Saturn is not sticking to boundaries squaring Venus, and now Mercury is trouble-making turning retrograding.

🎁Reaching out to my Memory Box🎁

But don’t get discouraged, if you are wise and your third eye is open, you will not be touched. To be quite honest with you, my personal life is very quiet at the moment because I have disarmed potential issues that would have been otherwise activated during this time. The only issue I am having at the moment is Jupiter being very slow with me and that’s because he is the ruler of my Sun Sign and maybe Mercury slowing my old computer which I have to replace, but that’s all. 

📦Sorting through the past📄

However….many around me have been having drama and fights escalate quickly with the same script being voiced again. I choose not to participate. When you don’t participate, when you stop being opinionated about everything, when you stop taking old roads (going above the Venus Pisces Aspect) when you solve issues that come up in a practical manner instead of getting emotional, life begins to get easier, NOT HARDER. 

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Transits don’t affect Gods. There have been times this week when I have gotten tried multiple times during the day, but I never react because I don’t want to play the game.

😍🌸Flower in my yard! I didnt know I had this plant here🌸

Getting emotionally triggered is a big thing with these aspects. When you are not being logical and practical (Use Earth and Air Element, and instead use Fire [Force] and water [Emotion]) you will be a mess and all over the place. Stop being a victim of your passions and emotion. Forget Saturn Retrograde. If you are a person with dignity and self-respect, you don’t have to worry about Saturn putting his guard down.

🌸The forest part of my yard, where the trees speak to me🌲

Instead you can use this guard down to get into jobs you were having a hard time with. Use these aspects to your advantage. With Venus Retrograde in my 5th house, I’m writing music, beautiful music I couldn’t write when she was direct. Mercury Retrograde always gets in my last nerve, but if anything comes up I will execute it with practicality and logic which is the only way to diffuse a Mercury Retrograde situation.

This week’s forecast!

We may be having negative thoughts this week (duh, Mercury Retrograde) but, thats not stopping you from having fun.

Last week you were like a catalyst that got alot done.

You want to be independent and thats what keeps you motivated.

This week seems a bit laid back as you intervert. 

You may have a few people trying to reach you because they want something from you.

But your wish is to be relaxed and well nourished.

Careful as their may be others trying to start something by the end of this week.