Sun In Aries Squares Capricorn In Pluto – April 9 2017 – Difficult Transformation of Creation⚠

#Sunday April 9 2017🌞🎱Today the Sun in Aries Squares Pluto In Capricorn. The Sun pertains to our health here, particularity our heads (Aries rules the head) and Pluto pertains to transformation ruling our bones (Capricorn). And today we have Mercury Retrograde in Taurus Start. I tell you, I have been hearing the ambulance more then usual around my neighborhood, and now with this full moon, this conflicting energy has intensified. 

📬I wonder if its what I think this is.📦

One must look into the our charts for clues. For example, my Sun is transiting 6th house conflicting with 3rd house Pluto meaning modes of transportations needs to be watched out for. 

But Squares are not always so bad. I need to do something to my computer (3rd House) change it (Pluto) so it can function right daily (6th House Sun) so either I shake up or get behind on work. 

📬😍😮OMG Ive been waiting for this everyday since I ordered it!!!📦

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And I was procrastinating till I took action and ordered something to make my computer faster so it won’t stall on this Mercury Retrograde. So def, squares can mold something and make you confront something that you must do in order to progress, but the hard way. 

💦A solar powered fountain🙉My birds have been waiting all week✨

Aspects seem more intense depending on the moon phase. Police report more crime activity on the Full Moon then any other day. Also hospitals get more packed. The Moon is def an interesting factor here. So yes, this is indeed a very intense week.

🍏 dipped in first and Pebbles is observing🐤

Let’s check out what will be molded  out of us with the tarot by this Pluto-Sun Sqaure-

Pleassure? Figures this card is Sun in Scorpio and Scorpio is ruled by Pluto… So after this Square struggle one may then enjoy the fruits of our labors.🍏