Sun In Aries Opposes Jupiter Retrograde In Libra -April 7 2017 – Untrusting Authority

#Thursday April 6 2017🌞🍀Tomorrow the Sun in Aries Opposes Jupiter Retrograde in Libra. The Sun has to make sure he proves himself as Jupiter Retrograde is unsure of him and questions him. This can be applied through business partners or relationships as Venus Retrograde is in Pisces evaluating the past actions. Think of Jupiter with-holding the goods (Retrograde) waiting for the Sun to prove his worth.

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Jupiter is weighing making sure he doesn’t get tricked this time. For example, if Jupiter is in the 12th, you may be having your progress with behind the scene things stall for a while, till you can provide enough information about your true intent in the 6th house of work. You need to look in your chart to see how this is playing off in your life. You may have to do certain actions to get momentum on what it is that you want. Jupiter is unsure, and the Sun is super sure of himself.

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The only thing that is missing is the evidence here. If the evidence is provided, the good wills be delivered slowly as Mercury is super slow getting ready to retrograde on Sunday next week. So if there is something you need to do to get a ball rolling, do it now before communication breaks down next week and it becomes impossible to prove anything. 

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Mars Trine Pluto today will assist you in proving facts physically because it’s an Earth trine. The only thing one should watch out for is deception from others as our guard is down with Saturn Retrograde semi-square Venus Retrograde in passive Pisces.

Will the Sun get Jupiter’s blessing once he proves himself?

Yes. Indeed. Once we show enough evidence of our intention, our goods will be granted with “Swiftness”.