Mars Trines Pluto – April 6 2017 – Physical Energy At It’s Best🔥

#Wednesday April 5 2017

Tomorrow Mars in Taurus Trines Pluto in Capricorn giving us the power to work physically and get things done. This trine facilitates our physical energy to such a great extent. 

(🌞Morning face moisturizer. I fill up a small vessel with distilled water and spray some of this:)

We can take advantage by doing tasks that seem like a lot of work or toil. Mars won’t be put off, since he is in patient Taurus, and there is a lot of intensity from Pluto that the task should get done. 

(I put the facial expanding towels in the distilled water. You can get those here:)

Seeing results is a main theme here. We are tired of not seeing results, and we need to see them in order to feel like we are productive. Although Mercury has slowed down quite a bit, this aspect will push forward regardless. 

(You can leave it on for 30 mins and spray distilled water on face towel as the skin drinks the water.)

In regards to love matters, Saturn and Venus are both retrograding at a semi-square angle where boundaries and white lies can dwell. Jupiter still shows no signs of progression. Physically we are doing well on energy, but emotionally we may be feeling melancholic, or something missing, looking at the good times of the past, and Venus dwells in Pisces. 

(The results are amazing!🌞)

Mentally we may feel like we are slowing down in ideas as Mercury Shadow progresses. Anticipation does elevate as the Moon grows for the final judgement of this month in Libra. Things are brewing and we must watch out for clues here and there to disarm any impediment we will could experience during this coming full moon.

So how will we handle this Mars Trine Pluto Energy?

With class and Mastery. We will show others around us how it’s done and the less experianced will come to us for advice!