Transit Houses Jupiter Does Well In

💰Astrological Transit Houses Jupiter Does Well In💰

Jupiter will make you gain weight in the 1st house as he expands your image. He can also make you a bit egotistical. In the 2nd house you will be very lucky obtaining material and money. In the 3rd house he will will not give you peace and your own space…you will be doing errans alot and running here and there. You never stop so hang on!

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On the 4th you may move in with other family members as family can expand. The 5th house you might get lucky in romance and maybe children.

On the 6th…now this depends on Saturns transits…if Saturn transit is trining or sextiling Jupiter, your 6th house can be a major improvement for your health and luck will come to your work. 7th house will multiply your business or marriage partners.

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8th house you might work with a person on an important project you BOTH own, its shared resource. On the 9th you might gain new knowledge of life or travel. On the 10th you will get popular. On the 11th you will be very social and even meet potential dream partners.

On the 12th your solitude will increase BUT you will be able to profit in working behind the scenes.