Saturn Goes Retrograde In Sagittarius – April 5 2017 – Walls Desolve

#Tuesday April 4 2017👻Tomorrow Saturn goes Retrograde in Sagittarius. I don’t like the idea Saturn goes retrograde at the same time that Venus goes retrograde in “back to Pisces”. It would have been okay if she was still retrograding back in Aries where she is well defined.


(The Biltmore Hotel was a WW2 Hospital that closed down. Then it was turned into several things before it became a hotel. Rumor has it that it’s haunted and screaming can be heard at night…👻)

But once Saturn goes retrograde it brings down boundaries and order making one more vulnerable to other’s charms, especially past lovers which is the case with this retrograde. We may have gained a lot of power while Venus was Retrograde in Aries, but we can be susceptible now to “consider”.

(It is a luxury hotel where the presidents usually stay)👀

Watch out… Not having Saturn putting boundaries one may let things slip and when she goes into Aries again once she is direct she might see triple the deception. I guess this is all a test, to see how strong our will power really is. Our defenses are low (Saturn Retrograde) till August 13 2017 at 19 degrees Sag midway half the year.

(“They say” the golf course in the Biltmore was a cementary where they buried the soldiers. Is this true or just urban legend?)👻

Saturn Retrograde can be good to open up situations you feel stuck in, however, pertaining to love, it won’t be good while Venus is Retrograding or getting her act together once she goes direct. Interesting enough to note that this is Saturn’s last retrograde before diving into Capricorn by the end of this year. It’s almost like a last evaluation of what we learned in Sagittarius.

(After Brunch with mom🍵)

Will we be that subsectable to people’s tricks (due to Venus Retrograde) during this Saturn Retrograde now that his walls have crumbled?

Well, not really. The wise Queen of Wands has been through alot, and although she will be compassionate, she will not be tolerant of something that falls below her standards. She goes after what she wants.