Venus Retrogrades Back into Pisces April 3, 2017-Taking Back Lovers

#Sunday April 2 2017

Tomorrow Venus Enters Pisces again. Some of us may feel tempted to go back to past lovers again. Tender feelings from the past will resurface and you might want that person back.

The moon is growing and will bloom in Libra, the sign of relationship. The final judgement will come by that time, but for now you are soft and a bit influential. Be careful. Venus is in a weak place.

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Remember what you discovered while she was in Aries. And also remember Venus will be back in Aries again once she goes direct. Meaning, if you decide to take that person back, you will most likely drop them again once Venus goes into a warrior sign like Aries.

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Remember Pisces can be a masochistic sign. So if you have issues with that person taking advantage of you, there is a possibility you will weaken once she romances into Pisces even though alot happened at the beginning of this retrograde.

This week ahead๐Ÿ”ฎ

This week will be mighty interesting for us.โคโคโค

We got Fortune on 1, but what crosses that theme is our bondage to past fears. Last week was good as we had some material gain and maybe had some high esteem. We are looking ahead because we are full of “Strength” energy this equinox. This week ahead, LOVE, or a business connection with others is ahead.โคWe will come thought like a catalyst and in return people will come and go. We will fear too much responsibility, but we will be determined to succeed like “The Emperor”.