Best Saturn House Transits✨

#Saturday April 1 207

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✨Houses That Saturn Does Well In✨

Saturn nearly destroyed me in the 12th house. Right when he went 00 degrees Libra. Hell began for me. Everything was an obstacle those 2 ½ years. When he was in my 8th house, I was always bumping heads with trouble makers. And those trouble makers always ended up changing my life without my approval. In the 8thhouse, transformation is bound without you even wanting and it can be life changing and painful.

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The grim reaper is sort of a bully in the 8th. Saturn in the 2nd has been very very productive! You would think there would be a money shortage, but no, nothing but hard work. I lost all my friends in the 11th, or shall I say people who no longer in my life. Saturn at 10th made it sooo hard for me to get recognized in my music profession back when I wanted it. 

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Saturn in the 9th wasn’t’ so bad, I got heavier into metaphysics and traveled more actually, structuring my belief system. Saturn at 1st was about building myself. Maybe I didn’t feel it because I have Natal Saturn there. Saturn in 4th was hell in terms of family issues.

(I can’t leave them long due to piano)

 I don’t remember Saturn in 3rd, 7th or 6th. But I hated school so much as a child and I believe that was the time of my 6thhouse transit. A Saturn return is usually felt in Vedic Astrology before he reaches your Western House because his magnetism is so strong it doesn’t respect astrology bounderies.

(Final Result)

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