The 5th House Versus The 11th House – Both Are Great Houses, but opposites!

🌞5th House Versus 11th House⚡Why these two don’t mix…yet bring the same inspiration energy.

In the 5th house you meet your romantic partner, but haven’t you noticed romantic partners and yours or their friends don’t mix? They can easily get in the way, or the partner can get in the way of the friendship.

In the 5th house we Create. But what if we are drawing something and channeling creative energy and then a friend calls and interupts to go party? OR maybe you are having an 11th house party blast, and then the 5th house calls to take care of your children?

So how come we can also meet a potiencal ideal partner in the 11th house more then being idealized in the 5th? Easy…because the 11th house is ruled by the Tarot Card “The Star” where all dreams are possible and customized authentically.

The Sun rules the 5th house and we are our authentic self. On the 11th house we are also authentic because Uranus rules the 11th house. These two houses are very similar but in different scales.

Also the 5th house one creates from within. In the 11th house one manifests from without by networking with others.

On the first week of April we will be uncertain about certain things and we can get deceived. Best to do research before embarking on the unknown trail. 2nd week we will feel like things are falling into place and feel completed. On the 3rd week we will reap those benefits.On the 4th week we will be withdrawn.