Mercury Enters Taurus – March 31 2017 – Stabilizing Energy

#Thursday March 30 2017

(My Water Distiller Arrived Today)Tomorrow Mercury Enters Taurus. And a more calming grounded energy is felt. Also because of the fact that he is slowing down. So the restfulness is greatly felt. However, if you are one of those people who have it in the 1st house of physical self or the 8th house of turmoil, then it’s a different story.

(Not that I dislike my Berkey Water Filter, but I saw Youtube videos talking about how one should only be drinking high mountain water or distilled.)

However, if you have it on the 7th, you may be speaking about business and contracts throughout this time but feeling quite discouraged or confused about certain boundaries.

Remember Mercury is in shady business mode. Venus is still Retrograding in Aries and still clear minded about de-masking certain people, and sticking to her core values.

(Took 4 hours to fill this up. Not bad. The same amount Berkey takes, though I do have to note I had to crank up the air due to the heat it ommitted from the fan. I got mine here: OrangeA Water Distiller Water Distillation Pure Water Distiller Filters Stainless Steel 4L 750W Purifier Filter. If you don’t want to drink it, you can use distilled water for cooking, and for making beauty products.)

No renewal is felt as Jupiter continues to retrograde, however with the moon growing, new projects can bring new ideas, and one starts to add more to it. Jupiter is at odds with Pluto. We can feel that conflict in many levels.

My cousin experienced it with him getting ripped off at a car dealer, and even though I didn’t because I’m a Scorpio Rising like him, I on the other hand experienced detox effects from drinking distilled water (if you follow my blog), which part of the detox syndrome was Libra and 3rd house like, lungs and lost of balance. Pluto wants to remove and change all the stagnant debris (Retrograde Jupiter) in my system.

(Water that was left from the distillation. And I got this from tap water. Imagine all the toxic crap that is being put into our waters.)

(When I opened the lid, the stench that came out….😷I had to cover my nose and open the window!!)

(Ok…after taking distilled water the WHOLE day I am having detox symptoms such as Panic Attack so I had to go outside and ground myself. Im going to have to take it once a day till my body detoxes gradually. I wasn’t expecting this. I guess the distilled water binded all the crap inside me.

Now here is where I am at. I drank some bottled water and 20 minutes later my detox symptoms subsided. I had a talk with my cousin who is a biochemist, and he says he is warned in the laboratories not to drink distilled water because it depletes you from nutrients. However, I see videos like these:


and I am thinking that maybe it just needs to be introduced gradually, because detoxing 247 isn’t easy. Also I need to take into consideration if I am getting all the nutrients from food, which is probably not the case. Rain water is 100% distilled. I believe we have so much nano particles and toxic waste, that when we drink natural water, our body reacts. My next step now is to gradually introduce distilled water daily and see how it goes from there. Will keep you posted!

My Theory is that also you need to take into consideration the speed of your metabolism. If you have a fast metabolism like me nutritients do get depleted quickly!)