Jupiter Retrograde In Libra Squares Pluto in Capricorn – March 30 2017 – Addressing Short Comings👣

#Wednesday March 29 2017

Tomorrow Jupiter #Retrograde in Libra Squares Pluto in Capricorn creating friction. Jupiter fails to deliver his goodies and his scales tip off, while Pluto intensely rebels. I know someone in my family who is a Scorpio rising who bought a car (3rd house) and got ripped off at a not-so-popluar dealer (12th house) and now they don’t want to give him his money back (retrograde). This is the classic example of Jupiter Square Pluto.

You might also be feeling like there is a power struggle between you and someone else. That person might owe you something and you are waiting, but you can’t wait any longer because there is a due date.
Capricorn is about ambition, and Pluto here is greatly intensified with goals and meeting them.

Jupiter on the other hand is idle in Libra. It’s sleeping. One can be thinking of business ideas, but very little comes to mind.

We must exercise patience in a time like this. We must work on going around a conflict today and tomorrow instead of beating at something directly.


 We may feel overdone and annoyed by this square but later we will start all over again on a new path like a fool.