Mercury in Aries Trines Saturn in Sagittarius – March 29 2017

#Tuesday March 28 2017

(Me in the 6th house of Chores.😔)

Tomorrow Mercury in Aries Trines Saturn in Sagittarius. Getting work done is the theme here. This is an energetic fire trine and eventhough Mercury is slowing down, we can still feel this fire trine take effect.

Saturn gives us chores in Sagittarius and Mercury gives us momentum in Aries with the desire to finish fast and first then everyone.

Wanting to be ahead with everything. And although our mechanics are seeming to slow down, or maybe our bodies can get a bit tired, we can take a little alkaline greens and it will push us foward.

For example if Aries is in your 6th house you may be getting chores done but maybe you are feeling a bit lethargic.

Anxiety can creep in when Mercury starts to slow down. Because Mercury rules the nervous system.

And when Mercury begins to slow down our nerve receptors also slow down the transferance leading to delay causing a disturbance in the nerves.

I’ve noticed people are more prone to panic attacks during a Mercury Shadow period.

If we learn how to take advantage of Mercury in Aries while he is there, we can get alot done. Once he is in Taurus he will be more stable and less energetic.

This New Moon we will hunt for what we want. By the Full moon we will be thinking about taking a path, because once you start, there is no going back. Then during the last stages of the moon you will be in rebel mode, with a “just do it” attitude.