New Moon in Aries – March 27 2017 -Monday🌙

(Juju comes to visit me every Spring after she fell off her nest April 27 2015. I raised her for 7 months.🐤)

#Sunday March 26 2017🌙Tomorrow the New Moon in Aries begins to grow the actions we already started when the Sun reached Aries on the 21st.

Since Jupiter is sleeping, the growth of the moon is the only thing that will be giving us that push.

Mercury starts slowing down today. And this morning when I logged into my wordpress, todays tarot post had disappeared and I had to start writing this whole post again.

(After a power walk at the park.👣)
Not to mention the difficulty of trying to catch some sleep during a black moon which is today and the people around me were tossing and turning.

Sometimes when Mercury is slowing down we can feel its effects more then when he turns retrograde and revokes that energy.

Simply the fact that Mercury starts slowing down things start to break down because they need a certain amount of momentum to stay working.

Now this energy today of Uranus and Mercury conjunct can cause some uproar of arguments with those around you also. Sudden ones you don’t know why or where they came from.