April 2017 Astrological Forecast­čö«

(­čî×Miami Beach Sunrise at 7:30am) #Monday April 2017 Forecast (Not an Easy Month)

The month starts off with Mercury starting to slow down (Shadow Period) meanwhile Venus is still going retrograde till April 15. 

Interesting to note that on the day she goes forward she squares Saturn on 26 degrees. So just when she is stopping her tracks retrograding, a conflict arises again questioning stability in relationship. 

Even more interesting enough the week prior exactly she squares Saturn on 27 degrees. So for a whole week the question is:”will this relationship build a solid foundation before she comes out of illusory Pisces?” 

(Look what I found on my lawn…had to keep her over night & put her on a tree the next day.)

Once she enters Aries on the 28th she will make sudden decisions as Mercury conjuncts Uranus on this day again.  

The Square between Venus and Saturn continues till the 21st, and Mars enters Gemini on that day creating a bit of restless energy.  

Mercury goes retrograde on the 9th on the same day a power struggle takes place between Sun and Pluto on a Square. 

In a positive note the Sun trines Saturn on the 17th giving us stability on our vitality and our ability to carry on throughout this whole stressful month. 

We must however watch out for our health on the 14th as Sun conjuncts Uranus giving sudden changes on our vitality during this relationship themed month. 

A stressful month indeed, we must remember to do yoga and eat right so we may survive this hectic month as relationships threaten to break apart.

April will be a pretty high voltage month. Alot will be achieved despite the two retrogrades we will have.