Mercury Conjuncts Uranus in Aries – March 26 2017

(We knocked about 100 Coconuts today from our trees😱🌴)#Saturday March 25 2017⚡🚘Tomorrow Mercury starts Shadow Period conjunct Uranus and our path starts to get shady. Pay attention to what happens tomorrow as we will experiance it 3 times. Mercury is intelligence and Uranus is Genius.

When these two meet it can channel brilliant info and it will be quick due to Aries. Perhaps a solution to an issue can come this day. But whatever resolution we have, we must use it quickly as Mercury begins to slow down today..

If for example you have this occuring in your 6th house you may be super swift at work getting everything done with massive inspiration, but you may also see communication start to break down…

Mercury Shadow is the point where Mercury will pass again 3 times once he goes direct. Alot of people may report situations repeat again.

Here is the reading for the week ahead!🔮

This week we may feel like discontent, maybe because love matters fell below expectation lately. Last week we were full of energy as we went after what we wanted. Situations are now calling for us to draw the line since we have outdone ourselves. Next week it will all be about walls. Eventhough we may be expressive, outside energies will be so peaceful we may feel like nothing is happening. We may fear major change and we can become a consultant to someone else.