Mercury Opposes Jupiter Retrograde March 23 2017

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#Wednesday March 22 2017🔥Tomorrow Mercury in Aries opposes #JupiterRetrograde(the sleeping giant) in Libra having steaming conversations and confrontations about why Jupiter is being so inavtive lately. “The talk”,Mercury means business since he really wants to excell, but Jupiter the one who makes things grow and expand is idle. (Venus Retrograde is also pushing for this talk as she is all about priorties now.)

This tug of war will make Mercury realize he is solo and if he really wants to excell he will have to depend on himself.

We must also realize that Mercury will begin to Shadow on the 26th and right now he is trying to do everything he can staying focused to make things happen before momentum starts to break off.

These 3 coming days will be stormy , so hold on to your hats!

There comes a time when one may ask if our endeavors will work out. And this is why I did the 7 Card Layout..

Now what is passing is the fact that we have observed ways to expand our Weath and what is to come seems uncertain and doubtful. There are many blindspots ahead. We must rebel against anything that tries to trap us for success will come to us. We dream of happiness and yet we will end up futile and doubtful. We must recognize our doubts and reform our thoughts.