Aries Season 2017-Spring Equinox🌱

(Pennyroyal in my yard known as an abortion herb)

#Tuesday March 21 2017 🐸Happy Birthday to all Aries!🎂The Spring Equinox is here!☺Fresh and ready for us to grow our new ideas.🌱Remember that by Autumn it’s the Metal Phase when we reap what we sowed this last Winter Water Phase!😉 The Jupiter Wood Energy is currently sleeping till sometime in May, but that is ok as we have Mars in Taurus pushing us to work physically and not just procasrinate. We also have alot of activity in Aries now. Sun, #VenusRetrograde, Mercury and Uranus. 🔥🔥🔥🔥So we feel this big drive and push towards our goals. Ambition is now the theme. It’s really hard to get distracted now since we only have one thing in our minds at the moment and that is to get ahead from everyone. For majority of this #Spring Venus will be #Retrograde and we will easily toss out anything that doesn’t bring any value to us. Wasting time is not an option!🔥⏰🚫

Three pathways for us in this Season 2017. ‘Dominion’ to the left represents the goal.🔥 Mars in Aries is ready to take action! It is commanding its own self. It will not be backed down by anything.

Choice 1, has potiental to work and excell. Choice 2 can bring major changes to your goal if you undertake it. And Choice 3 will overflow you with whatever that card was in question about.

The future is not written in stone. But for you Aries 2 Choices will be auspicious.

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