Astrological Transit Houses Mars Does Well In

🔥Based on my observation the best houses Mars can “transit” are all Earth houses in our chart. 

2nd, 6th, and 10th are very productive. You’ll get a lot done to earn money on the 2nd, and you’ll be feeling strong on the 6th although you may experience a bit of conflict from others with small matters on the 6th

And on the 10th a lot of energy can be put into your reputation although there may be others who would want to challenge you on the 10th

🔥Now the worst houses I have observed that are the worst for him to inhabit are all the water houses. Figures his fire gets extinguished by other elements. 

🔮In the 12th house he lacks energy and can get sick by his own psychosis or hidden things in the body that were repressed and can now pop up, in the 4thhouse family conflicts are at bay, and on the 8th house one is faced with dealing with problems we didn’t even create. 

Intermediate elements for Mars are Air and fire houses. Too much fire can cause too much problems, and too much Air can burn our brains out. 

🔥Mars does good in the 1st with a lot of energy and drive, but can make us accident prone. 

✨Mars in the 11th can activate your social life but you can cause friction with friends. Mars in Fire & Air houses has it’s pros and it’s cons.

🔮March 20-27 Relationship Reading (For those with a special someone in their lives)

Here we have ” The Fortress” spread. We have two people. We will name the role (person) to the left “A” and role/person to the right “B”.

A is very happy at the moment while B is seeing his world crumble. A sees himself lucky while B is being hard on himself for not keeping up with important things in his life.

A sees be as observant, while B sees A as wasteful and maybe annoying. A is considering a new path, and B is mediating on personal relationship matters.

A will look towards the future, but B will not, B will take action RIGHT NOW. The result is drawing the line. A will struggle with this idea and B will wait for A to make a change.

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