Astrological Transit Houses Venus Does Well In

(Image from my backyard)

Based on my observation Venus doesn’t do well in the 8th and in the 12th. 

In the 12th you can attract people who’s motives aren’t clear (Neptune House), and in the 8th you can attract envy in others (Scorpio). 

In the 4th house she’s fine and tranquil though(Cancer), so element has very little to do with how well she does. 

🔥Venus in the 1st house is awesome as she beautifies our exterior. Venus in the 2nd can be good because we may get gifts but we can also spend money easily. 

Venus in the 3rd brings our brothers and sisters together and little things can be enjoyed. Venus in the 5th ,7th  and 11th house is excellent for love. 

❤In the first degree of your 11th house, you may meet someone you idealize or like, (your dream partner)so always look out for that. 

Venus in the 10th can get you admired by the public. Venus in the 6th will improve your health and on the 9th house, you can meet someone aboard or at school.

Venus does well in almost any house, but one just has to watch out for 12th house especially, unless you are expecting someone from the past. 

Venus would be ruled by Metal to symbolize Value in Chinese Astrology.

March 19-25🔮This week the theme is the opportunity to express rare and valuable feelings to a potential new person but what crosses us is the fear of getting dissapppinted again. The past week one was inspired with new projects which is the foundation of this week.One is aware that one is seeking comfort, love and affection and what is to come this week is Satisfation with the most simpliest things in life. One may meet someone and connect, however, as the week progresses that person will probably seem like they lost interest. Your fear is that you’ll have to go through another major transformation again. As a result you will end up chasing…be careful..remember old ways don’t work.

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